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Geetanjali – Top 10 Handpainted Madhubani Sarees (Bestsellers)

1.Basant -Baag: Full Handpainted Tussar Silk Saree with Red Piping

Our Bestseller and trademark Saree - A full handpainted Pure Tussar Silk Saree with Flowers, Peacocks,Gudiya and auspicious motifs of Madhubani with Red piping all over the Saree to give it a mesmerizing look.Saree length: 6.5 m (with handpainted Blouse Piece)There might be slight change in colour due to camera lightsWash Instruction : Dry Clean OnlyHappily Handpainted :)

2.Safed - Fish & Aripan Motif Mulmul cotton handpainted Saree

Monsoons feel pretty pleasing in Whites. Featured here , our classic and minimalistic white Mulmul Cotton Saree. Designed keeping your comfort in mind, this saree is soft, lightweight and easy to drape. You can wear this to your office. Keeping it minimalistic yet tradtional we have added Madhubani Fish and Floral Motifs and Madhubani Borders to it.

Since each and every saree is handpainted by our artisans. There might be slight difference in the colour combination but that’s the beauty of the saree. Everytime you own a unique and one of a kind saree from us specially made for you with love. There might be slight difference in colour due to camera lights.

3.Gulaabi’ Handpainted Madhubani Dulha Dulhan Cotton silk Saree

‘Gulaabi’ ~ A cotton handpainted Madhubani Saree in a soothing shade of Pink with a splash of colours on it💕.

Live your life in colours with our Gulaabi cotton silk saree which depicts traditional Dulha and Dulhan of Mithila in Kachni & Bharni style on the entire Saree. This saree signifies the important ritual of marriage,love & prosperity..The fabric of the saree is so smooth that it fits perfectly on your skin for the summers!🥰 It comes with a blouse piece of its own, handpainted by our artisans in Darbhanga, Bihar

4. Geetanjali 'Surajmukhi' Madhubani Handpainted Yellow Linen Saree with Red Border

Hanpainted Linen Madhubani Saree with Yellow Base colour and Red Zari Detailing, Yellow and Red Tassles and Red coloured contrast Blouse Piece also handpainted with Mithila Painting.

5.Laal Ishq - yellow & red handpainted Linen Saree

Laal Ishq - Join us for the celebration of Durga Pujo with our most loved Linen saree in a prospitious and auspicious combination of Yellow and red creating a magic again this time!


A saree that is our absolute favourite. Handpainted with single colour red this can be worn on any auspicious occasion and new beginnings. Adorned with Flowers,Fish, Women and Peacock motifs of madhubani and Borders this beauty will surely keep your festive spirit high. Pair it up with Kajal, Lipstick , Some silver jewellery and Big Laal Teep and your puja's adda, dressing up and pandal hopping will be taken care of :)

Linen as a fabric is easy breezy and comfortable for long hours. It comes with a contrast Red handpainted blouse piece of its own. Flaunt it like a poetry this festive season because it is an amalgamation of traditional and modern and the drape feels like a perfect hug! <3

6. Devi : Maa Durga Shada Lal Pad Madhubani Handpainted Linen Saree

Devi : Maa Durga Shada Lal Pad Madhubani Handwoven, Handpainted Linen Saree

A never seen before combination of Kalamkari Maa Durga Faces with Madhubani Borders in an iconic Red Border and white saree. This Handpainted Red-bordered White Saree is synonymous with the culture and tradition of India and celebrates art & craft in all its glory.

Immerse yourself in our uniquely designed Madhubani & Kalamkari Saree and waer it for special occasions and festivities . It comes with a Red handpainted blouse piece of its own

7.Shubho Drishti : Wedding Themed Red Handpainted & Handwoven Tussar Silk Saree

Shubho Drishti : Wedding Themed Red handpainted & handwoven Tussar Silk Saree


The ritual that most signifies a Bengali Style Wedding is the ritual of Shubho Drishti, where the bride covers her face with a betel leaf and is carried by her brothers on a Peeri (Wooden plank meant to be used to sit on the floor) and take seven rounds of the bridegroom before being face to face with him for the 'Shubho Drishti' which means the 'Auspicious Sight'. After that the couple is covered by a 'Laaja Bastra' and are asked to see each other.


We have tried depicting this fun and traditional ritual of wedding on this Handwoven ,Graceful and Gorgeous Tussar Silk Saree where the bride and groom are seen to be exchanging garlands, the friends and family making this ritual full on fun and laughter.

The aanchal has Kalash, Banana Tree, the Bride and the Groom and family celebrating the auspicious occasion of Wedding

The saree comes with a handpainted blouse piece of its own

8.Geetanjali 'Basant Umang' Madhubani Handpainted Black Tussar Silk Saree

‘Basant’!🌼🖤 Umang : The first saree in Basant Collection is a pure Tussar Silk Saree in a magical & gorgeous combination of Black & Beige with a full handpainted Aanchal which Represents Lord Krishna,Gopiyaan, Elephants, Deer, Peacock and floral motifs coming together to celebrate the rich cultural heritage and traditions of Mithila.

Whats so special about this saree?🥰 Usually, Madhubani/ Mithila Art which is an indian painting, practiced in the Mithila Region of India is done using a variety of tools like Nib pens and Brushes. The eye- catching goemetrical patterns are generally made on light colour sarees because the use of vibrant colours shows well on them. A lot of you have asked us for a Dark shade madhubani saree and this Graceful Black Saree is the end of your search for the perfect Black Saree Dipped in vibrant colours and we are happily leaving you in wonder with the finest artwork and Theme of the Saree It comes with a handpainted blouse piece of its own with black and beige colour. Not the one that the model is wearing in the pictures.

9.Mahadev : Shiva Parivar Puja, Orange & Beige , Madhubani Pure Tussar Silk Saree

Mahadev : Shiva Parivar Puja Orange & Beige Pure Tussar Silk Madhubani Saree

The Shiv Parivar is a symbol of harmony , prosperity and completeness.By worshipping Shiva Parivar, one can have Peace, Prosperity & Unity in the family. Since worshipping Lord Shiva Pariwar gives blessings of all the four deities ( Lord Shiva, Goddess Parvati, Lord Kartikeya & Lord Ganesha ) together.

In this subtle Orange & Beige colour Pure Tussar Silk Saree, On the Aanchal,we have tried to Depict, Lord Shiva and Goddess Parvati alongwith their beloved Sons Lord Ganesha and Lord Kartikey

and the gate keeper and vehicle of Lord Shiva the shape shifting bull – Nandi Ji and Snake Motifs in Madhubani Painting Style. They are being worshipped by the humans of Mithila.

Lord Shiva: He depicts the aspect of the Supreme Being. Goddess Parvati, She is the mother of Universe and hence holds the great sense of Reverence for all. God Kartikeya :He is the general of the army of Devas. He is also known as Skand- one with 6 heads, and while Parvati Holds her in arms on her lap, she is called Skandamata. God Ganesha :He is considered the god of wisdom and intellect. He brings prosperity and auspiciousness for all.

On the Border of the Saree, we have represented Kalash, Kamal,Trishul and Floral Madhubani Motifs. This saree carries with itself stories of our Indian Tradition. It is easy to drape and manage. It comes with a handpainted blouse piece of its own. This saree has been handcrafted and handpainted exclusively by our boutique with lots of love

Since this is a handpainted Saree and is completely made by artisan, there could be slight change and difference in the colour and size of motifs . But that is the beauty of Madhubani Sarees. Every time you buy a saree from us, you get a completely unique and one of a kind saree. The theme, design and fabric of the saree will be same

10.Faagun : Hiran Motif Handpainted Mulmul Cotton Saree

Faagun : Handpainted Hiran & Tree of life motif Madhubani Mulmul Cotton white saree!

One of our bestseller and never seen before design, specially designed and painted for you! The fabric of the saree is so soft that it feels like second skin. The Multicolour Madhubani Borders and motifs makes it a traditional yet contemporary piece of artwork. It also has red and white pom pom attached to it which adds more beauty and grace to the saree.

It comes without a blouse piece. You can pair it up with any contrast blouse and you will be good to go!

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