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Geetanjali’s Flagship Store Launch

Geetanjali Boutique launched its flagship store in Darbhanga on 25th September, 2022. Geetanjali Boutique offers a varied range of products crafted with Madhubani Art. It offers a product line of Madhubani Handcrafted Sarees, Clothing, Home Decor, Accessories, Jewelry. All these products are available at the flagship store.

Sunanda Biswas, founder of Geetanjali, had this idea of Geetanjali Boutique back in 1995. She started with limited artists and a local tailor in Darbhanga, Bihar. Sunanda made a couple of madhubani cotton suit sets which sold out in a blink. Soon, Geetanjali Boutique became the first ones to get Madhubani done on the sarees, suits, magazine holders, bags and many more items other than just canvas and clothes.

With crafting the Madhubani Art, a major part of Geetanjali Boutique is the artisans that work with Geetanjali. The ability to lift women by providing them employment and create quality products at an affordable rate has been the unique selling point all along.

And as Sunanda says, “Through this small venture we have empowered artisans from rural areas and made them financially independent and that’s our biggest achievement”, proves that Geetanjali is just not another business but a passion of a founder to support numerous women and of keeping Madhubani Art alive.

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