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During the pandemic, women-led small businesses reached the masses like never before

While we may curse the COVID-19 pandemic as much as we can, there is no denying that it has helped us in so many uncountable ways.

Our coverage on CineBlitz: "Geeti Biswas too left her corporate job to help her mom Sunanda Biswas with their business Geetanjali Boutique, which sells authentic handpainted clothing items. Her mom started this in 1995 but it was only in 2018 that Geeti joined her mom 2018. She said, “This is when Geetanjali Boutique got commercialized. I built a business page on social media, Instagram and Facebook, and soon we started getting online orders from various parts of the country. Today we have a website of our own and clients from all over the world have been added to our list of happy patrons.”

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