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A Saree for Every Occasion!

Looking for fresh and unique styles to drape your saree for different occasions and festivals? Well, look no further! Here's amiable_as sharing tips and tricks with some of our bestseller Madhubani hand painted sarees, on how to don them to make your festivities even more awesome!

Here's what she has to say about the art form, Madhubani, It is the form of art that is originated in the Madhubani district of Bihar which comes under Darbhanga division. The painting is done with the variety of tools like twigs, fingers, matchstick and nib pens with the natural dyes obtained from plants. Most of the geometric patterns drawn in this art form are two dimensional and are inspired from Ramayana era . The origin of this art is more than 2500 years old and first started in the India Nepal border called Mithila region. The same place where Mata Sita was born hence Madhubani art is also termed as Mithila Art.

With the motto of 'Preserving art and promoting Artisans' a mother - daughter duo runs a handmade Madhubani art products boutique by the name of Geetanjali Boutique.

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